Thursday, 19 October 2017

Probability Tasks

Immersion Assembly: Musical Madness!

The day finally came first day of school For once In my life I was earlier on the first day of school before I knew it the bell whent and everyone started to line up out side  we started to walk to the hall and a new tipe of music started to play.Everyone sat down in there lines and assembly started and the head teachers of the school started singing a song and most of the people in the school laugh at there performance.Our vice principal Mr Jacobson talked about what he did for the holidays he said that he went to Scotland to see where he was from he showed us one of his family members in a band doing the bagpipes it was more magnificent then I expected.

At the end of the song we started our team performances We started with team 1  and they were playing snap and they put on some music and started to see how they fell when a difrent tipe music plays a sad song makes them sad and nice song makes them happy.Teem 2 was up, for there Performance v saying sorry I didn't get what Their message was and what they are learning about but everyone liked it.You probably know what I'm going to say but teem 3 was finally up one of the teacher's in teem 3 was miss King and miss king was explaining what their movie was about the movie was about what they can do with songs and combine them In your everyday language.

It was time for teem 4 and there performances I don't know what their performance was about but I think it was about when There is music in the car car rides are more fun and I did not get why that would be my topic for this  trem That is it.The final team was finally up team 5, team 5  performance was about how music can change their feelings so technically they did team 1 and team 2 perfomanc to idea anyways how they showed it was they watched a movie Lion King just the shopping and they the music changed and they showed how it can change their emotions they put a shot lion king Clip and Play-Doh over and over again with different types of song to see how they react when a different type of song is playing.That is it thank you for reading my story.

The Right Beat

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Comprehension Task week 6

Fitting a Bike Helmet

Instructing someone to
As quickly as you can, write down all of the steps you can remember to safely fit a bike helmet
Chek for kraks
V not a y
No hair ecares
No pone talle
Befor you put on the helmet lossin the back
See if it can fit your helmet
Tightin it when you fit on your head
Make shore that you have chet if you have put 2 figers on you forhaed
Put 2 figers onder your chin.
Task 2: Write your instructional text
Hint: your writing should look like a recipe, with a:
  • Title
  • Ingredients/materials/equipment
  • Instructions (numbered).

How to put on a bike helmet
Ingredients/ Materials/ Equipment
Bike helmet
Methods/ Instructions
Step 1 check for cracks so if you crash it will badly damaged you or there is a big chance of you dieing.step 2 take off your hair accessories so the helmet  can get more tight.step 3 losen the helmet so you can put the helmet n and check if you can fit the helmet

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Capture The Flag

Hi my name is Freedom and I’m going to tell you a story of how my moring whet.yesterday aI was at my sister’s house having my litle sister’s burthday after the party it was very late so we desited to stay.The next day I woke up at 5.30 in the morning and stared to clen the house and when we finesed clening the house  it was 6.00 we thought we were going to be late by walking all the way home we are going to de late so we whet on a Taxi.We went home and the house was very messy so we started to tidy when we finished it was 7.00.So we went to take my sister nature to school and my niece to little sister sapphire and my nephew lepe went to the barba shop my sister came to get her earpears but it was for years 8 and up but she was 7. Then we whet to the barba shop and me and my nephew lepa had a hair cut we took a wihll becuse lepa was takeing for loog.we came to school in a taxi.When I got into class no one was there so I whet on the filed and my class was playing capter the flag on the filed I was very late but miss said “Freedom you can play in the next rond” and I said “thak you miss west”.I got a game but it felt like it was 2 minits and that is my morning story.

Blue highlight simple sentence

Yellow highlight simple sentence

Green highlight simple sentence

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Earth's Natural Resources

Oh my’ the the world is polluted no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The animals are going to die.There will be no more water to drink.And there is no more soil so we can't grow the plants.I’m going to tell you three resources that are the most important resources for life.water plants and last but not lest oxygen.Water is the Second most important resource for our life.Water covers  70% of the earth so it is very easy to pollute our water system Our body is filled with 3/4 of water so it is very Important for our body When the human body sweats we lose water and when we lose water we lose our energy so without water we would have no energy and if we don't have any energy we can't be fit.And that is why I am talking about water for one of the Natural Resources.Plants are one of the most useful resources on earth because it has the use of three resources for example it produce oxygen and air from the roots they have a fiber that can go on the laves and bring oxygen.When oxygen comes together it becomes air and with air  the oxygen can can go with the wind and spreed around the world so everyone around the world can breath .Plants can also produce fruits and vegetables so you don't die from starvation.And that is why I chose this natural resource.Finally my last resource is oxygen’Oxygen is the most important resource for human life as I said with water water is the 2nd but most of all oxygen is the best resource for our life because of oxygen we can breathe and talk.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Term 2 Animation

In the day when the first Maori walked the land they used technology as loges for the hull  the mast and the ores. they went across the sea to find different islands, they also fond the secrets paths in the wold.birds Rome the sky such as hast eagles .And  when the 21 century came they discover how to build engines so we don’t use to much energy and get tired.Mountains became skyscrapers and more of the land you could see was buildings that had different measurement.the boat grew bigger so more passengers could enter the boat.


Monday, 29 May 2017

What Has Happened To Miss West

Screenshot 2017-05-29 at 10.23.37 AM.png
                         What has happened to Miss West

Miss West is not in today why you ask?  well let me tell you.When Miss West was walking to the shop when she was walking she came across a forest I think I should go through the short cut as she walked it the forest she came across a big black figure.Miss West whet to observed and she found a hideous creature called big foot she screamed in fair She tried run away as fast as she can but she failed and Bigfoot caught her.

Miss West Grabbed a stick and whack big for as hard as she can repeating and repeating and repeating as fast as she could When Miss West knocked out Big Foot she ran and learnt a lesson never to go in a forest by herself.Miss West  continued walking to the shops And when she arrives at the shop she released she had no money So she went back home when she did she realize that there was a UFO above her house hovering Miss West  knew this was not a good day at all.She entered the house and there was three aliens stealing her stuff she grabbed a ray gun from the alien and shot them and that was the end of the story what Miss West is not sick so she can come to school? Oh so she got a flu.

                         The End

Friday, 19 May 2017

Week 3 Problem Solving

we are leaning to find fractions of a set using  multiplication and division.

Cone Catching

Today I thought it was going to be a ordinary day but as we were on the mat miss told us we were going to play the catching cone challenge. miss did’it have any cones so we used counters she also tolled  us that we had to used our elbow to pushed it in the air and catch it it the with our hand.Miss told us that we cold start, there I went I flip my fest cone and I got it I new I was going to good at this.ones we flip it and catch it we get anther cone and so no.I avalanche made it up to 10 cone.and that was the cone flipping challenge

Friday, 12 May 2017

smart shoes

The shoes looks like it is built to hover climb walls and create enough energy to make you both go fast. With my hovering idea I thought that the materials would be will carbon fibre because If the material was metal and wires then if a human jump inside it would not create enough energy to make the shoes hover.With my idea where the shoes could climb walls I thought that the materials could be metal spikes on the bottom of the  shoes commended with lots of lots of lots of super glue.I also think that there are enough energy in the sun so I think that the shoes soled also be made out of lost of mini solar panels to make it go fast.The shoe that I created will solve problems by if all people are hurt the hovering could help them to relax there Their bodies so they don't get injured more.This product Is created with Solar energy to make the shoes run fast so if you are puffed out the shoes  feel the heat sensors and the solar panels will activate and we'll store enough energy to make you run fast.The smart shoe is programmed to be command by a (smart pone) and also a    (smart watch). The smart shoe is also good for traveling because if you get lost you go back home with the tracking device on your smart pone and watch.I think that this is a good Idea if this comes out.I wold not buy this product .because it will wast your datter. If it could souller engage and also use that engage to make it fly.

maori reesources

we read this text and made a pallet about what the Maori used for technology 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Immersion Assembly

Start writing here: I just arrived at school and team 1 just sated the Second Bell went off and it was time for Immersion Assembly this team  Mr Burt sated to  Talk about how technology changed over the day and he name the subject (now that thinking) .My biggest highlight of Immersion assembly was watching team 4 video how they Were talking about how the māori Technology has changed over the day and how 2017 is more useful than back in the 1 and 2 were leaning about how Gravity pushes kites in the air to make them fly it was fun at Immersion Assembly.

Maori stone technologies

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Friday, 7 April 2017

Maui And The Giant Fish

this is my animation about maui and the giant fish.the giant fish is the north island of New Zealand.we are so thank full for maui.  

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Narrative writing

Once there was a creek named omauer creek and there was a  boy named creek and he stared to litter in the creek and the creek got black and green.For centuries the creek was dirty and it polluted most of the air around the creek.

The only way that the creek wold become clean again was if someone grabbed the paper that the boy dropped in the creek.Once there was a boy named  David and he went to all omauer creek.David remember the good times we had before it was dirty and disgusting.

He was thinking of why the creek got dirty and polluted and he saw this paper at the bottom of the creek.And he thought if he pick up rubbish around the creek will become cleaner and cleaner by the day.he whet to go and dive for the paper but when he put his foot it the water it was too hot he and nearly burnt his foot.

He was thinking of a way to get to the rubbish, snap he got an eider he whet to go and find a long stick.As he walked you to the creek he put the stick in the water and it finally work when he grabbed the rubbish he puled and the paper appeared that one paper fixed the creek

 I hope you have leard your
lesson not to

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Maui Voice Over

Maui took off to search for a fish to feed his tribe. For days and nights he found nothing Maui stopped and threw his hook and as he waited, snap something grabbed on the hook. With all his might he pulled and a giant fish appeared. The fish got old and it became the north island of New Zealand. If we keep littering we are not looking after our environment and there will be no giant fish left. Because of Maui now there is an island which is the North Island of New Zealand. That is a big resource to all of us New Zealanders. As such as plants trees oxygen an the tides and all of that helps us of living our lives because all of that creates a way to help us with our life.

Week 8 Problem Solving

we are learning to solve mult/div problems by doubling or halving

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Week 7 Problem Solving

we are learning to use our knowledge of place value to solve multiplication

Monday, 20 March 2017

week 5 Problem Solving

we are learning to use multiplication facts we know to solve unknown multiplication facts

Friday, 17 March 2017

Year 5&6 camp

The day finally came year 5&6 camp.As soon as I arrived to school I put my big bag away and stared to run to the hall.We all gathered in the in the hall and sorted out our teem groups. all the teems were sent of to do there first rotation my teem name was the presidents.the first rotation we did was playing in the hall we had the chose of roller blades skateboarding pig pong basketball and also doing flipping on the trap.the fun was finished and we had to go to moaning tea it took a willy but we got to start our next rotation.The next rotation we did was coaled killer zone the game was so complained that I can not enplane it.lunch came next my teacher was trying to say some thing to me but eating and did not hear one thing.It was time to go to youth tone we had a lot of activates to do. my favorite highlight of camp was camp preforms we cam 1st pales

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Letter To Mr Burt

Room 10 have been leaning about native plants. For example a Harakeke can attract native birds as such as tui bellbirds and also korimako.
The Harakeke is three meters high and it also is a Beautiful plant as such as helping the environment.It can also be a well known start at it.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Human Knot

Today we thought it was going to be a ordinary day for our reading but it was not the teacher told  as to come to the mat, and she just told us we were going to play a game in the middle of reading.We were told that we were going to put our hands in the air and pas them to the other person in font of you  and we would have to get out of a knot.tosting turning falling it was full of excitement.Being the team that won the first and second round was amazing. Woah! It was an incredible to encounter to be a  human knot it was unbearable but eventually we destroyed it.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Problem Solving

we are leaning to solve addition and subtraction problems using place value

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The invariant

Ptengland is the home of a lot of kind People that need to learn to stop messing with the environment by dropping rubbish on Papatuānūku.the wold dose not smell good but we can Chang that by putting your rubbishing the bin and to stop using electricity because it will pollute the air.I hear the birds tweeting out my door and if we pollute the air then they will all die as long as we don't pollute the air no living creature that lives in the air will suffocate and pass away.
Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 6.36.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 6.37.58 PM.png

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Friday, 3 February 2017

Problem Solving

I have been Demonstrate strategies for adding numbers with teens and ones.