Thursday, 10 December 2015


I liked to share ideas  with my friends When they need my help.I like playing football with my friends on the balcony I never lose.And my top 1 thing was being in my class.

What was really good this year.the good thing about this was going to all the trips.What was very very very cool was going on TVNZ and tv I got a bike from the breakfast show.

I love learning with my friends and family. Learning is good because it can make me go to university. Learning can get me a very very very long way to be cybersmart.

Friday, 4 December 2015


When I was making a movie on Friday, someone said all of the kapahaka group had to go to the breeze. When I got to the Breeze Mr Burt came and had a korero with the kapahaka group I didn't like his loooooong korero, but after that we got on the bus.

When we got there Spark looked super big. I looked to the side and I saw a picture with tv2 on it Then I looked at the door and saw TVNZ and I knew they made TV2. I got scared because Spark people would be very famous and I had not done anything like this before. As soon as we arrived we did a practice.

I walked down the stairs and got into my position. Mr Burt said something  and lots of people came, I was scared but I went for it.

When we were finished I got into a line and went outside the people gave me some food I was the only one that said thank you and when we were finished we got into the bus went back to school the end.