Monday, 18 December 2017

It’s All in the Family

MY BIIIIIG FAMILY......In my family i have five sisters and five brothers theres so many of us. out of ten of my brothers and sisters im the 8th sibling in my family so most of my siblings are adults and have children of their own so i also have three nieces and three nephews..the cool thing about having a big family is i always have someone to play with and my nieces and nephews love me alot im their favourite uncle and we have big feasts..and the downfalls to having a big family is that it can get quite loud sometimes because all of my sisters have loud voices. I love my big family i know they will always look after me because we all look after eachother..all of my brothers and sisters in order are
*Marlena--Siulepa & Diamond
*Alicia-----Jason & Rachael
*(me) Freedom
and most importantly OUR MUM--SOU
Here is a photo of my mum my siblings and I at our turangawaewae :)


  1. Hi, that looks so cool, where do you find that app?
    keep on posting

  2. Hey there Freedom, sounds like you already have quite a large family and understand what it is like.

    What sort of good things do you like about having a big family?

    Thanks, Billy