Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cave art animation

This is my cave art animation.

This is a story about a tribe going for a hunt after a saber tooth tiger but to be for pacific the black saber. The black saber ate everything in his path but watch the movie to find out more.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Deciml place value

Task description: for this task we had to lean about decimal place value. You have the ones tens and the decimal point and on the outher side of the decimal point there is the tenths hundredths and thousandths. This task was verey esey but this is just the bronze medal task so I expected it.

Start of term four

Walt: use correct sentenecs to help stucture our writing.Well the holidays are finished, no more staying up late and playing fortnite, uhhh.It’s the start of a new term today and at the start of every term we get a new topic.This term our topic is te wā toi wich means it’s art time.

This term is so exciting for the following reasons, The Manaiakalani Film Festival, Athletics, Year 6 camp, and Prizegiving. These are the more exciting things but they are way more that I haven't listed. I am most excited about the Manaiakalani Film Festival which is an event that point England school attend every year and its were every class in our school gets to create our own movie to put on the big screen at the hoyts movies therete.

One of my goals this term is to become a better drawer, Currently I am an average drawer and i what to change that. But I am a very good sketcher but don't really excel in painting. Another one of my goals that I would like to do more often is to get better at my writing, right now I am at my level for writing but I would like to go above and beyond and pass my level.

Because this term is about art I would love to learn about the history of famous art and artist such as Picasso and paintings like the Mona Lisa. Famous art museums would also be interesting to explore our leaning in because we get to research the history of ancient artefacts. We could also learn about why the artist were inspired to create their art.

What an exciting term that have ahead of us. I am looking forward to the Manaiakalani Film Festival, improving in my art, and hopefully learning about the history of famous art and artist. Overall I can't wait to blog about this You to be exciting to term.

Task description: For this task we wort about our goals and expitionshions for this term. We also learnt how to write a proper conclusion. I was very scared about my writing because It was the first day back from school and I was not sure that I had proper sent and.

Monday, 8 October 2018

My new guinea pig

So this holiday me and my sister got a guinea pig his name is custard. We called it custard because he was the same color as a custard. We bought him a hose and filled it with hay, we also got everything you need  to provide for a guinea pig . We also took some photos for you to look at.⤵️

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per Minute

Task description: Today In Room 7 we had a one minute writing task. We had to wright as much words as
we colud and at the end of the one minute we wold stop. My score was 21. To put the scors in a
spreadsheet we had to stand up and we wold say our numbers and Mr goodwin wold put that in the spreadsheet. To analyse the data we have to sort it.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Creative Writing

Walt: write using humour.
So we start at the beginning, the very beginning, the creation, of the universe. Before the universe was created there was nothing except the bag of life the only physical object created, the bag of life granted you the power of eternal life and also granted you the power of creating life. One day the bag of life started shivering and something was wrong suddenly a light appeared then came out the one we now call ancient one.

The ancient one is a intellectual being that protects the bag of life. As the ancient one was at the age of 3060 she learnt how to control the bag of life.  It took her a couple of times but she finally created the Galaxy.

Seven trillion years came by and it was time for the ancient one to pass away it was a sad time, after four months of trying to stay alive she finally passed away. Because of this no one was guarding the bag of life so everyone that thought that they could capture the bag of life tried. They were searching and searching but no one ever find it, after four years of searching a army finally found it, well let's say two armies.

The two arms declared war upon echarter so they all charged into battle knowing that their life will be at risk, the two leaders of the armies were named Twinkle Toes the 3rd and
King Port - A - Fart. These were the most mightiest heroes in the galaxy, Twinkle Toes the 3rd charges on a horse, the horse trips on a rook and and Twinkle Toes the 3rd falls into poop and his response is “wow that is some good poop”. There is only half of the men in the each army and Twinkle Toes the third and King Port - A - Fart are worried.

After everyone in the army is killed off Twinkle Toes the third and King Port - A - Fart charge on there mightie horses but suddenly a beam of light apers the world started shaking the rock’s are scrambling the waters were floating then out of nowhere the bag of life spawn in the the ancient one, the ancient stops time, and then changes the whole timeline to where she didn't die and no one tried to chapter the bag of life every again.

Twinkle Toes the 3rd

King Port - A -fart

Image result for bag of life pngThe bag of life
Link to Toby's version of the war over King Port - A - fart and Twinkle Toes the 3rd (LINK )

Task description for this task given the opportunity to do some creative writing. Our story had to have a
beginning middle and end Which is a linear plot story. Then we had to post it on a blog with the Task description
and walt.