Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fitting a Bike Helmet

Instructing someone to
As quickly as you can, write down all of the steps you can remember to safely fit a bike helmet
Chek for kraks
V not a y
No hair ecares
No pone talle
Befor you put on the helmet lossin the back
See if it can fit your helmet
Tightin it when you fit on your head
Make shore that you have chet if you have put 2 figers on you forhaed
Put 2 figers onder your chin.
Task 2: Write your instructional text
Hint: your writing should look like a recipe, with a:
  • Title
  • Ingredients/materials/equipment
  • Instructions (numbered).

How to put on a bike helmet
Ingredients/ Materials/ Equipment
Bike helmet
Methods/ Instructions
Step 1 check for cracks so if you crash it will badly damaged you or there is a big chance of you dieing.step 2 take off your hair accessories so the helmet  can get more tight.step 3 losen the helmet so you can put the helmet n and check if you can fit the helmet

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