Saturday, 27 January 2018

Crossing the Tasman

Today I will be doing a poem a poem about the Southern
Cross plane.

In the beginning 1928 there were 4 men and they flew from
state to state one of the men someone from my state his
name was T.H. McWilliams and his job was to make the
radio stay awake but the radio didn't go and he got a big
headache.The pilots name Kingsford Smith when he
started to fly all nature came nearby ice wind and the
windscreen was already overdone he tried to find the way
home still it was ok but they took a hard road.

Thank you for watching my video and I heard you have a
nice time.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Art Deco

Today i will be giving this pitcher out of five stars
(1 star = terrible painting)
(2 star = Pretty bad painting)
(3 star = okay painting)
(4 star = good painting)
(5 star = amazing painting)

I tink that this painting deserve 5 star
It must have takein more then 4 month to pate this
master pice.I also love this panting because

They put alot of detail like fading bits of the picture.

Popular Culture – The Silent Movie

Hello today I will be Talking about the Lion's cage a movie that was produced in the 1920s

If you what to see a Trailer of the lion cage you can click this link .the lion cage

Today I will not be talking about the movie I will be talking about the trailer so let's get started the Lion cage
is about a man who was running away from something mysterious and then he runs into a lion cage not
expecting that a lion was asleep he tries to escape but he just locks himself in.He tries to escape through
a little while but on the other side of the whole there's just a tiger that is awake once he walked out of the
Tigers room he sees a lady walking past I think that it was his wife because when she saw him in the
cage she fainted It made a slight noise and the lion started to wake up but it went back to sleep the man
in the lion cage tries to wake the fainted lady up by throwing the Lions water on her the lion suddenly
wakes up and then it walks ups to the man then it walk straight back to where it was sleeping and starts
going back to sleep.Then the lady what up and then the man ask the lady if she can open the door when
the lady open the door the man started to brag about how he made the lion go back to sleep.He walks up
to the lion and expect the lion not to attack him then the loin rowed and the man starts running away and
climbs up a big as pol the lady starts talking to the lady ask if he wants to go Somewhere and then they
start walking off.And that's the end of the trailer thank you for reading

Sunday, 21 January 2018

In Flanders Fields

Hello my name is Freedom and today I will be talking about a poem and i will be
rating the poem from 1 to 10.

Poem -(makes me feel very lucky to live in a beautiful, safe country like New Zealand.
It also makes me feel sad for those who died in the war and for their families. I think that we
are very lucky that they went to war and fought for our freedom)

I will be giving the poem a 5 out of 10 because for me I don't think this poem rhymes and
whats is a poem without rhyming,

Friday, 19 January 2018

The Right to Vote

week 2 day 1 Activity 2

today i will be talking about was it fair that women were not aloud to vote for a party back in the
day well here not my response for that.

I think that woman should have been allowed to vote for a party because of the following resigns.
1 if the woman cant vote then the men will chose the party over and over again i know this
because i am a boy and look what happened with Richard john

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Holy Trinity Cathedral

This is Holy Trinity Cathedral
It is located in Auckland
Holy Trinity Cathedral was built 
on 28 of October in
Holy Trinity Cathedral
was in constriction for
9 years

thank you for putting in the time to read my story bye

#Earn The Fern

Week 1 day 5 active 3

Today i will be talking about three questions I will ask Bill Kini

*1 - When did you start boxing and why

*2 - Do you prerer ruby over boxing

*3 - How did you feel when you won the gold medal

Those are three things that i will ask Bill Kini.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Musical Festivals – Matatini

My name is Freedom and I will be judging three hakas for my holladay blogging

“Coming in at third place we have, wow this is a hard decision you no what because i like them all they all come in at first place” from the Woman and there harmony to the men and their strong voice it would be so hard to chose.The real reason that i chose all the teams is because they all have something that they were doing it for for Example te Puku o te ika has a pitcher of her grandfather. That you for Reading thank you.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Treaty of Waitangi


In 1840 on the 6th day of February in waitangi north of the north island the treaty was signed............

There are now a lot of tourist attractions to waitangi and a lot of actually cool stuff to do such as watching live kapahaka performances you can also go on tours of the waitangi river and visit a restaurant they have at a hotel near the treaty signing grounds which you also could go on a tour of to experience maori culture to a degree it really would be a cool experience it would almost be like going back in favorite thing to do would be to go on a tour of the waitangi river and maybe even go fishing there i think that would be so fun....what would you do if you visited waitangi?????

Ki O Rahi

                             Ki O Rahi

The game Ki O Rahi is a traditional maori game based on the purakau (Legend) of Rahituta and his wife Tiarakurapakewai......

I myself havenever played Ki O Rahi as a Maori rangatahi O Aotearoa after reading and watching this game i would like to learn to play this game.Ki O Rahi is quite a popular game throughout New Zealand especially in smaller and rural communities,also different iwi have different rules but still very play the game you would need 
*x1 Tupu (drum/barrell)
*x7 Nga pou (padded poles)
*x1 Ki O Rahi ball
*heaps of field marking cones/or/spray paint
 for ki o rahi is a huge circle made with the marker and inside that circle a smaller circle and inside that another smaller circle and in the very center of the inside smaller circle sits the tupu (barrel) there are all different names for each area within the circle 
so the whole objective to Ki O Rahi is like most field sports or any sport really which is to gain more points on the opposite team team with the most points wins the game........
So the next time my family get together i will suggest that we play Ki O Rahi because my big brothers and sisters know how to play it but they haven't played it since they were kids they said so it would be cool to learn from my siblings...

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Fun Family Facts


*My MUM'S favorite things to do is.....
*Read history Books she loves to read about the pyramids
Egypt and How the world came to be....
*my mum also loves to watch cooking shows and national
geographic documentaries...

*my sister ALICIA'S favorite things to do are gardening
with our mum
*my sister also likes to cook she cooks like a chef :) i love
my sisters cooking a lot......

*my oldest brother FU'A favorite things to do is play
on his ps4 when he finishes work
*and he also likes to spend time with his daughter
(my niece)

What are some of your family's favorite thing to do????