Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Blog Commenting Planning and Writing Doc

Your comment:Hi my name is Freedom and I am year 5 at Pt England school. I loved your blog post of your school cross country I admired how you described how your cross country went you did't miss any detail.Your blog post wold be better if you put more photo's so every one In the world can see how cool your cross country was.
Your comment:Hi room 3 my name is freedom I love how you made mincraft superheroes.I was admired by how you added ssundee and Bajancanadian they are my top two favorite mincraft YouTuberes.Room 3 you re amazing artist and no one can beat your work.
Your comment:Hi room 9. I like the picture. Is the worm farm fun? Are the worms super wiggly? It would be fun there. How many worms did you catch?
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Your comment:I like team Monan cool it will be fun when I am 9 you have fun game I like Jupiter too

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