Monday, 18 December 2017

Maui and the giant fish

Maui was one of new zealand's best heros and he went on amazing advenchers I beat you herd of when maui pulled the sun so we can have more time to do things but I not think you have heard the story of Maui and the giant fish.Maui always wanted to go with his brothers to go and fish but his brothers came back from fishing maui ask if he could go with them the next time but they would always find a way to make him stay at home.Maui would say that he will only take up a little bit of space and the eldest brother said that Maui was so small that they might throw him off thinking that he is bate for the fish.

Maui would always say to himself that he will prove to them that they were wrong.Maui created a plan to show that he was a great fisherman night came down and maui went outside when everyone was asleep and maui stared make a strong rope out of some b

utefull and strong flax when he was weaving  he found a kakakia to give the hook super stretch.when he was finished, Maui took a jawbone which his.ancestor Murirangawhena had given him, and bound it securely to the line.

Early the next morning Māui took his fishing line and secreted himself in the hull of his brothers' canoe.when maui's brothers pushed there canoe in to the sea they notice that something was wrong with the waka the waka was more heavier than usual the oldest brother said are you sure you're helping because if you're not that might mean that it is heavier because of you.

Another brother said that you must be eating too much kumara you went big the another brother said stop getting annoyed just keep going.The brothers never saw maui hiding in the hull as he was under the hull he heard his brothers throwing down the anchor.Maui knew that there was no land near and he had nowhere to escape Maui revealed himself to his brothers “Surprise maui said when he popped out of the hull”one of maui’s brothers said what are you doing in there All of the brothers never caught a fish because maui was in the hull.

“Maui said that muriangawhenua tolled him that he would be a great fisherman then Maui said throw your hooks and you will get as more fish than you ever had before”.Maui’s brother's through there lines into the ocean and fish just keep coming and keep coming soon the boat was full and all his brothers was delighted with what they catched the brothers started cheering were the best fisherman in the world when they were finished bragging about themselves brothers congratulated each brother one by one.”Now it’s my turn now and all his brothers laughed when maui pulled out his line from his bag his.His brothers “said that he will be lucky if he cach seaweed with that” ”or driftwood to go home on” his brothers couldn’t stop laughing,maui didn't leasing to his brother instead he received his karakia and readled his line/“Can you give me some bait for my hook?” Maui asked his brothers.

But the brothers only laughed harder to Maui clenched his fist and hit himself hard on the nose.His nose bled and maui covered his hook with his own blood.Maui covered his hook with his own blood Maui then stood at the front of the front of the canoe and whirled his line above his head as he recited his karakia he suun his line out to sea,the line sunk deep to the ocean floor , down into the depths of the domain of Tangaroa, and instantly the hook was taken.

Maui pulled as hard as he could and harder and harder and then bam a giant fish came out of the sea And as bit by bit the fish was coming created the North Island of New Zealand as you know You might be wondering how did the South Island was created well the waka that Maui was on became the south island.


  1. Hi again Freedom, well done on writing the story of Maui and the giant fish. I am very impressed with how much you have written and the detail in your descriptions. It's great to see how you have accurately used speech marks too. That's awesome!

    What were your favourite facts from the story? I personally like how the fish turned out to be the North Island, I did not see that coming!

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hey Freedom, Wow your writing is very intresting! I loved the way you used speech marks and the way you used your grammer. I would love to see more blog posts from you.
    :) Chance