Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Recount Writing

On Tuesday I came to school and I was playing handball with year 6 friends. The second bell went and I walked to my class and everybody was lining up for team assembly all the classes in team 4 walked to room 6, 7, and 8, we were talking about how to help people when they are sad and how to look after your Chromebook so just like the normal stuff we talk about.

When team assembly was finished we came to class and watched a video about mr bean showing how actions can make a story.when the Video was finished we went to the field and we played a game where you have to act out something and then freeze and someone has to come in and tag that person and then they act something out over and over again. I was to nervous to play so I just didn't put my hand up to Volunteer for the game.

The next game we played was a game where we have to chose 3 or 4 people and freeze to make a picture.Other people they had to guess what So they were trying to make .Up first was my team our act was playing volleyball the first person said that we were playing volleyball the second  person said that we were doing a walls the next team went up and there act was about robbing a bank none of us got to our opinions because the bell went.

              The end

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  1. Kia Ora Freedom

    you did a awesome writing the you did i love the way you described it. You put all the things that you played on the field. i didn't know that you did all those stuff. All the things that you did was exciting. but did you have fun when you were playing?. Hopa