Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Earth's Natural Resources

Oh my’ the the world is polluted no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The animals are going to die.There will be no more water to drink.And there is no more soil so we can't grow the plants.I’m going to tell you three resources that are the most important resources for life.water plants and last but not lest oxygen.Water is the Second most important resource for our life.Water covers  70% of the earth so it is very easy to pollute our water system Our body is filled with 3/4 of water so it is very Important for our body When the human body sweats we lose water and when we lose water we lose our energy so without water we would have no energy and if we don't have any energy we can't be fit.And that is why I am talking about water for one of the Natural Resources.Plants are one of the most useful resources on earth because it has the use of three resources for example it produce oxygen and air from the roots they have a fiber that can go on the laves and bring oxygen.When oxygen comes together it becomes air and with air  the oxygen can can go with the wind and spreed around the world so everyone around the world can breath .Plants can also produce fruits and vegetables so you don't die from starvation.And that is why I chose this natural resource.Finally my last resource is oxygen’Oxygen is the most important resource for human life as I said with water water is the 2nd but most of all oxygen is the best resource for our life because of oxygen we can breathe and talk.

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