Thursday, 19 October 2017

Immersion Assembly: Musical Madness!

The day finally came first day of school For once In my life I was earlier on the first day of school before I knew it the bell whent and everyone started to line up out side  we started to walk to the hall and a new tipe of music started to play.Everyone sat down in there lines and assembly started and the head teachers of the school started singing a song and most of the people in the school laugh at there performance.Our vice principal Mr Jacobson talked about what he did for the holidays he said that he went to Scotland to see where he was from he showed us one of his family members in a band doing the bagpipes it was more magnificent then I expected.

At the end of the song we started our team performances We started with team 1  and they were playing snap and they put on some music and started to see how they fell when a difrent tipe music plays a sad song makes them sad and nice song makes them happy.Teem 2 was up, for there Performance v saying sorry I didn't get what Their message was and what they are learning about but everyone liked it.You probably know what I'm going to say but teem 3 was finally up one of the teacher's in teem 3 was miss King and miss king was explaining what their movie was about the movie was about what they can do with songs and combine them In your everyday language.

It was time for teem 4 and there performances I don't know what their performance was about but I think it was about when There is music in the car car rides are more fun and I did not get why that would be my topic for this  trem That is it.The final team was finally up team 5, team 5  performance was about how music can change their feelings so technically they did team 1 and team 2 perfomanc to idea anyways how they showed it was they watched a movie Lion King just the shopping and they the music changed and they showed how it can change their emotions they put a shot lion king Clip and Play-Doh over and over again with different types of song to see how they react when a different type of song is playing.That is it thank you for reading my story.

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