Friday, 28 October 2016

my story

More afraid than ever, I ran in to the forest.The more I ran the more deeper the beast look into my heart. I stooped when I fond a enchant book that had ever beast.

I looked for the beast in the city “No No Aaaaaaa, the beast is coming!” I said in pain.I fond the beast in the book, to stop him I have to get the weapons of justice down in the cave in the city.So I ran there I was in pain when I got there but when I put the armour on i was healed.

“I am healed but how?” I have got to go and kill the beast.I fond the beast and got the first hit and the beast was anger it hit me finally I defecated the enchant beast and became the city hero the end.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ginger Beer

On Tuesday we drink out of ginger beer that we made it took 7 days to make a hated my ginger beer it was yours salty and flat our one was one of the bottles that didn't explode when we open it

All of us disagreed on drinking out of ginger beer because it looks so disgusting

Friday, 21 October 2016


One day there was a boy name Freedom korewha he was a boy at ptengland school he was one of the best kids in class and all the the kids where jealous.Freedom was so smart the teachers where trying to compete with Freedom but they hade on chance against him.All the kids and teachers where sick of Freedoms Brilliant mind that everybody wanted.

Everybody was so mad they went to the brilliant mastermind of everything, Freedoms house and took him to a boat with no petals no engine and no sail.Freedom woke up in the middle of the ocean and screamed “help help where am I i’m lost!” all Freedom hade was a screwdriver and hammer from building day at school a lots of broken wood around his boat and some nails.Bing Freedom just remembered that he could build some paddled with the wood and nails.

So he created some paddleds and He paddled anywhere to he found land so he could find his way home since he knows nearly everywhere around the world because he has the brains of the two smartest people in the world combined.He finally found land and figured out where he was at point england reserve he was running to school so he could get back into class.Everybody was moaning when they saw Freedom because they were still jealous.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Dr Freedom

One day at Dr Freedoms laboratory, he was planing his biggest Invention yet.Dr Freedom was going to create a aero dynamic dimension portal so he could be the first living person to travel dimension to dimension.He was planing to find dimension that had a Pandora gem, to power up his fossil machine that detect unknown life forms.

Dr Freedom created the aero dynamic dimension portal with 100 moon rocks, 1 mega flower, 1 full test tube of lava, 2 test tubes of snake venom, dolphin DNA and 1 Immortal drop of blood.Dr Freedom started his experiment he created his base and then let up the inside of the portal was created “finally the portal is created” said Dr Freedom he pulled the lever,and the portal went BANG!!!! the portal was going crazy! and the portal sucked Dr Freedom in. Dr Freedom got stuck on a planet called Pandora the dimension that he was dying to find.

Dr Freedom discovered creatures that are like on earth but commended like a tiger donkey and a stingray shark.Dr Freedom was searching for all the ingredients that he needed to go back and make the portal and also find the to Pandora gem.Dr Freedom got himself a tignkey a commended tiger donkey he caled it ben he collected all the ingredients and all he needed now is the Pandora gem.

Dr Freedom finally found a Pandora gem, “yes yes finally i’m going home” said Dr freedom he went home and brag his pet  ben.Finally Dr Freedom grab the fossil machine and put in the Pandora gem, the fossil machine was now powered and he found 18 new life forms that weren't discovered.