Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Narrative writing

Once there was a creek named omauer creek and there was a  boy named creek and he stared to litter in the creek and the creek got black and green.For centuries the creek was dirty and it polluted most of the air around the creek.

The only way that the creek wold become clean again was if someone grabbed the paper that the boy dropped in the creek.Once there was a boy named  David and he went to all omauer creek.David remember the good times we had before it was dirty and disgusting.

He was thinking of why the creek got dirty and polluted and he saw this paper at the bottom of the creek.And he thought if he pick up rubbish around the creek will become cleaner and cleaner by the day.he whet to go and dive for the paper but when he put his foot it the water it was too hot he and nearly burnt his foot.

He was thinking of a way to get to the rubbish, snap he got an eider he whet to go and find a long stick.As he walked you to the creek he put the stick in the water and it finally work when he grabbed the rubbish he puled and the paper appeared that one paper fixed the creek

 I hope you have leard your
lesson not to

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  1. Nice story Freedom. You have done a couple of words that need to be fixed but either then that it is awesome.