Friday, 8 July 2016

My Six Hats

Creating my artwork made me feel amazing because I had a very frustrating time but I finished it at the end.I also feel not so great about my panting because there are still mistakes that I made but that's OK.I enjoyed drawing because I got to draw fantastic patterns that tessellated.I also loved when I used a viveding because it was easy as pie.
The Most annoying thing I did was panting because I had a lot of mistakes.I didn't like it when I had to keep drawing my plan.
I think I can do better next time by not rushing and making a mess with my painting.I also think I can Make it better by making my building and patterns bigger so I don't go out of the lines when I paint again.
The most Interesting thing I did was drawing on a humongous paper because it is my first time I made a humongous city by drawing patterns for the buildings to make them so interesting.Another Interesting thing I did was painting  because it took me long to do it.
The most important thing I learned about is not to rush when it comes to art just be steady.I also learned to draw big so when I paint  with a big paintbrush.

Te Tuhi

On thursday the first thing in the morning The pavilion went on a school trip to a amazing art gallery.When we got to Te Tuhi we Climb off the bus and waited for the next intrusion.We went inside and waited for our a man named l?l to come so we could start our adventure at Te Tuhi.

Then l?l came and he started to talk about Te Tuhi And what we were going to do and when.Then we went to the art workshop for schools we started to make a dream house display with 10 shapes ,2 different triangles and a square.I created a funny looking rocketship.

Then we went outside of the art workshop and headed to another room and l?l talked about one of our senseis fell.He talked about how it can be used to do art like feeling someone's face and making a portrait of them.then we watched a clip of how movies were made like beauty and the beast.

Then we watch day another clip about how things are made.Then we came back to the mat and it was time for us to go The End

Thursday, 7 July 2016


At FiaFia I was the first on the stage when I was performing my costume was so Itchy.My costume represented my ancestors that have past the life to me. My costume was pretty strong it was so tight I struggled to get up.

I was so excited at FiaFia because i hadn't done FiaFia in two years. I was so proud of myself  because I got up in front of the whole crowd. When I did Kapa haka I felt strong and proud because I was thinking of my dad who is in a better place. I put all of my aroha mana and Kapa Haka into my performance for my dad.

Dream Room

Special Feature
Describe each special feature of your dream bedroom.
My bunk is awesome because I can fly through the night with my bunk.when you lay on the bunk you can go to sleep instantly if you put on the sleep switch.
dancing         room
I love my dancing room because It makes me fit and strong.I love dancing room because I have been dancing for a long time dancing.
racing track
My racing track is for when me and my nephew are fighting over something then we settle it with a race. Even when I pretend that I was a professional racer.
I have a Minecraft room because I am a big fan of Minecraft. I love Minecraft because it teaches me how to build and I have always wanted to be a builder.
I love my pool because it is made out of money And money is awesome!!!.
Jump is one of my special features in my bedroom. Jump is a big as place. The whole place is like a trampoline.
Escape pod
I love my escape pod because it can make me go away from any of my family when I have to do a job.I mostly use my escape pod for when I play hide and go seek I always come first.
My KFC is for my family free dinner we get it every once a week on Monday. Mostly I use it for my breakfast I love the skin off the chickens it is the best part of the chicken   


Art Journey

Have you ever imagined a day when you got to go to an art class with other teachers.My favourite teacher was whaea saf because I got to paint the top of the mini marai. We had to paint big strokes along the board so it would look like the strokes going down like a real marai

Our second teacher was Miss Scanlan we had to Draw a boy with The Word boy.We did a mini practice Before we started I drew Frankenstein's head instead of a boys It was hilarious.I love miss Scanlan Activity because she thought that my work was like one of the best.

The third activity we did was making pictures out of shapes with Miss Taylor.I had to use all 7 shapes to create a picture my shapes I had to use all 7 shapes to create a picture I made a bunny

The Story Of Tamarereti

A long long time ago there was a taniwha that lived in Lake Taupo.People used to say if you go past his home the taniwha will eat you. There was a boy name Tamarereti.

One day Tamarereti was starving,  he set out to get some fish for himself. The wind blew Tamarereti 's waka out far into the sea as he was fishing for food. Tamarereti managed to get three big fish to eat.

The wind went and Tamarereti was stuck there by himself. Tamarereti thought to himself by the time I wake up I would be home. The wind came back but Tamarereti went to the far land it became night and Tamarereti started to make a fire to cook his fish.

Tamarereti found glistening pebbles and took the pebbles and field his waka with them. Tamarereti set out and frou the pebbles into the night sky so the taniwha will not come and eat Tamarereti.Tamarereti made it home and went to bed.

Tamarereti woke up and went outside and he was proud of himself.Then Ranginui came and Tamarereti thought that he was in trouble but he was not. Ranginui was thanking Tamarereti for making the lake safe for his people.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Dream Bedroom


In my garden my flowers have Rotational Symmetry.

This means that...The flowers Rotate as much times as the Pedals and when the  Rotation ends the flower is the same.

In my garden my butterfly has Reflective Symmetry.

This means that on Both sides the Patterns Are the same .

In my garden my pathway shows...tessellation

To make my pathway I put my shapes down without any gaps.

This means that...I have to  put my shapes down and make a Pattern.