Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Treaty of Waitangi


In 1840 on the 6th day of February in waitangi north of the north island the treaty was signed............

There are now a lot of tourist attractions to waitangi and a lot of actually cool stuff to do such as watching live kapahaka performances you can also go on tours of the waitangi river and visit a restaurant they have at a hotel near the treaty signing grounds which you also could go on a tour of to experience maori culture to a degree it really would be a cool experience it would almost be like going back in favorite thing to do would be to go on a tour of the waitangi river and maybe even go fishing there i think that would be so fun....what would you do if you visited waitangi?????

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  1. Kia ora Freedom,

    I've gotta say, the effort you've put into your input for this activity is amazing! You've really made a cleverly entertaining and detailed piece explaining what you would do - and I like the question at the end! I would also do some activities involving the Treaty and learning about the story behind it, while also taking part in the local activities - I remember a few friends of mine who won a trip to Waitangi and got a chance to experience a tour of the treaty grounds and did some other activities like kayaking!

    Pretty cool! This is an all round great post! Keep it up!