Monday, 22 January 2018

Popular Culture – The Silent Movie

Hello today I will be Talking about the Lion's cage a movie that was produced in the 1920s

If you what to see a Trailer of the lion cage you can click this link .the lion cage

Today I will not be talking about the movie I will be talking about the trailer so let's get started the Lion cage
is about a man who was running away from something mysterious and then he runs into a lion cage not
expecting that a lion was asleep he tries to escape but he just locks himself in.He tries to escape through
a little while but on the other side of the whole there's just a tiger that is awake once he walked out of the
Tigers room he sees a lady walking past I think that it was his wife because when she saw him in the
cage she fainted It made a slight noise and the lion started to wake up but it went back to sleep the man
in the lion cage tries to wake the fainted lady up by throwing the Lions water on her the lion suddenly
wakes up and then it walks ups to the man then it walk straight back to where it was sleeping and starts
going back to sleep.Then the lady what up and then the man ask the lady if she can open the door when
the lady open the door the man started to brag about how he made the lion go back to sleep.He walks up
to the lion and expect the lion not to attack him then the loin rowed and the man starts running away and
climbs up a big as pol the lady starts talking to the lady ask if he wants to go Somewhere and then they
start walking off.And that's the end of the trailer thank you for reading

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  1. Hey there Freedom, thanks for completing another activity and writing a detailed description of the trailer for the movie, The Lion's Cage.

    After watching the trailer, do you think you would want to watch the movie?

    Do you think you could sit through the entire movie even though it is a 'silent' film and there isn't any speaking?

    Thanks, Billy