Monday, 22 January 2018

Art Deco

Today i will be giving this pitcher out of five stars
(1 star = terrible painting)
(2 star = Pretty bad painting)
(3 star = okay painting)
(4 star = good painting)
(5 star = amazing painting)

I tink that this painting deserve 5 star
It must have takein more then 4 month to pate this
master pice.I also love this panting because

They put alot of detail like fading bits of the picture.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Freedom, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this painting. I think you're probably right, it must have taken a long time to paint. I like how you've spoken about the fading of light on the side of the car. What else do you like about it specifically?

    What do you think of her outfit that she is wearing? What do you think of the colours that the artist has used?

    Do you like how close up the painting is?

    It certainly is a masterpiece.

    Thanks, Billy