Thursday, 18 January 2018

#Earn The Fern

Week 1 day 5 active 3

Today i will be talking about three questions I will ask Bill Kini

*1 - When did you start boxing and why

*2 - Do you prerer ruby over boxing

*3 - How did you feel when you won the gold medal

Those are three things that i will ask Bill Kini.

1 comment:

  1. Hey again Freedom, thank you for writing three questions that you would ask Bill Kini during an interview. I like how you have used colourful rainbow writing. I had to highlight it to see what the questions were. I really like your questions, asking him about how he felt when he won a gold medal, and when did you start boxing and why? It's great to ask him why to extend his answer.

    I would ask him how did he manage to train for both sports at the same time.

    Thanks Freedom, great work!