Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Musical Festivals – Matatini

My name is Freedom and I will be judging three hakas for my holladay blogging

“Coming in at third place we have, wow this is a hard decision you no what because i like them all they all come in at first place” from the Woman and there harmony to the men and their strong voice it would be so hard to chose.The real reason that i chose all the teams is because they all have something that they were doing it for for Example te Puku o te ika has a pitcher of her grandfather. That you for Reading thank you.

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  1. Hey Freedom, thank you for completing another activity. I like how you've been working really hard and blogging lots during your summer break. Keep it up!

    It was entertaining reading this activity. I liked the way you presented it as if you were a judge speaking to an audience. I am glad you mentioned the harmony, the strength of their voices and also how one performance had a picture of someone's grandfather. It's great that you are judging the performances on many different aspects because there are lots of different things that make a performance good, such as the dancing or the costumes.

    Have you ever been apart of a performance?

    Thank you, Billy