Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Story Of Tamarereti

A long long time ago there was a taniwha that lived in Lake Taupo.People used to say if you go past his home the taniwha will eat you. There was a boy name Tamarereti.

One day Tamarereti was starving,  he set out to get some fish for himself. The wind blew Tamarereti 's waka out far into the sea as he was fishing for food. Tamarereti managed to get three big fish to eat.

The wind went and Tamarereti was stuck there by himself. Tamarereti thought to himself by the time I wake up I would be home. The wind came back but Tamarereti went to the far land it became night and Tamarereti started to make a fire to cook his fish.

Tamarereti found glistening pebbles and took the pebbles and field his waka with them. Tamarereti set out and frou the pebbles into the night sky so the taniwha will not come and eat Tamarereti.Tamarereti made it home and went to bed.

Tamarereti woke up and went outside and he was proud of himself.Then Ranginui came and Tamarereti thought that he was in trouble but he was not. Ranginui was thanking Tamarereti for making the lake safe for his people.

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