Friday, 8 July 2016

My Six Hats

Creating my artwork made me feel amazing because I had a very frustrating time but I finished it at the end.I also feel not so great about my panting because there are still mistakes that I made but that's OK.I enjoyed drawing because I got to draw fantastic patterns that tessellated.I also loved when I used a viveding because it was easy as pie.
The Most annoying thing I did was panting because I had a lot of mistakes.I didn't like it when I had to keep drawing my plan.
I think I can do better next time by not rushing and making a mess with my painting.I also think I can Make it better by making my building and patterns bigger so I don't go out of the lines when I paint again.
The most Interesting thing I did was drawing on a humongous paper because it is my first time I made a humongous city by drawing patterns for the buildings to make them so interesting.Another Interesting thing I did was painting  because it took me long to do it.
The most important thing I learned about is not to rush when it comes to art just be steady.I also learned to draw big so when I paint  with a big paintbrush.

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