Thursday, 7 July 2016

Dream Room

Special Feature
Describe each special feature of your dream bedroom.
My bunk is awesome because I can fly through the night with my bunk.when you lay on the bunk you can go to sleep instantly if you put on the sleep switch.
dancing         room
I love my dancing room because It makes me fit and strong.I love dancing room because I have been dancing for a long time dancing.
racing track
My racing track is for when me and my nephew are fighting over something then we settle it with a race. Even when I pretend that I was a professional racer.
I have a Minecraft room because I am a big fan of Minecraft. I love Minecraft because it teaches me how to build and I have always wanted to be a builder.
I love my pool because it is made out of money And money is awesome!!!.
Jump is one of my special features in my bedroom. Jump is a big as place. The whole place is like a trampoline.
Escape pod
I love my escape pod because it can make me go away from any of my family when I have to do a job.I mostly use my escape pod for when I play hide and go seek I always come first.
My KFC is for my family free dinner we get it every once a week on Monday. Mostly I use it for my breakfast I love the skin off the chickens it is the best part of the chicken   


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