Thursday, 7 July 2016


At FiaFia I was the first on the stage when I was performing my costume was so Itchy.My costume represented my ancestors that have past the life to me. My costume was pretty strong it was so tight I struggled to get up.

I was so excited at FiaFia because i hadn't done FiaFia in two years. I was so proud of myself  because I got up in front of the whole crowd. When I did Kapa haka I felt strong and proud because I was thinking of my dad who is in a better place. I put all of my aroha mana and Kapa Haka into my performance for my dad.


  1. hi Freedom its cj i like your fiafia but next time do a littl more dettul

  2. Hey freedom I love your picture it looks cool to match with you cause you are cool good job.👍🏻