Friday, 8 July 2016

Te Tuhi

On thursday the first thing in the morning The pavilion went on a school trip to a amazing art gallery.When we got to Te Tuhi we Climb off the bus and waited for the next intrusion.We went inside and waited for our a man named l?l to come so we could start our adventure at Te Tuhi.

Then l?l came and he started to talk about Te Tuhi And what we were going to do and when.Then we went to the art workshop for schools we started to make a dream house display with 10 shapes ,2 different triangles and a square.I created a funny looking rocketship.

Then we went outside of the art workshop and headed to another room and l?l talked about one of our senseis fell.He talked about how it can be used to do art like feeling someone's face and making a portrait of them.then we watched a clip of how movies were made like beauty and the beast.

Then we watch day another clip about how things are made.Then we came back to the mat and it was time for us to go The End

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