Thursday, 3 November 2016


One day there was a man named Fred and he wanted to change the world to help people with their lives.Fred was frustrated about money, money was destroying lifes because it
Is the only thing that you can give to people so you can stay in your house, stay hydrated and also not to be hungry.

So Fred decided to create a tracker that can explode all the money in the world and find another way to buy things.So fred creating lots of robotic cards that can scan what they want but not over 10 things.So he made over 45 million cards just to be sure that no one doesn't Miss out.

So he made a teleporting machine and through all of the robotic cards in and everybody got one.I made a big humongous satellite dish that created a big voice so I said “you should have got your card this card is going to help you with money you can choose below 10 things that you want from any stores, but remember you only have $100” and a lot of people where happy.

                                     The end

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  1. Kia Ora Freedom, I love the way you made a new invention that no one would have to use money to buy things. Why did you think of using cards as money?