Monday, 28 November 2016

Athletics Day


Finally the day has come the day of athletics we have been waiting since last term for athletics, but finally the day has come.The first rotation we played was shotput there was a line for practicing and a line for the real game There was 5 of us in the real game.  3 kids beat me by coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd but I was so lucky to have came forth the ball was very heavy, it was hard just to come 4th.

The next game we played was tug-of-war there was 4 teams Yellow Blue Red and Green,my team was blue I have been in blue since I started school the first team we played was the red team they were striking and pulling but eventually we won.Then we played green it was pretty easy and then green played yellow they were slightly better than green.And then we made it to the finals and we played red and then we won the championship of tug of war.

My favourite game that I played was discus I wanted to practice because it was my first time doing discus my teacher said “if you don't throw it far enough you can not go to the real game”.I was the first one up and I got it perfectly right then I went to the real game and I came in the top 5 Then they told the top 5 “to line up again and see if you can come in the top 4” it was pretty hard to achieve but  I made it to the top 4.”They told us to line up and told us can go into top 3”3 I came second place but it was a tiy with my friend Josh we had have the exactly same score as each other.

My other favourite game we played was javelin we use some toy rockets to test how far we could throw.I was the first one to throw the javelin when I came second place but my teacher said if someone beat your score then you go back once.So I became 3rd when someone beat my score again then when someone beat my score again I had to work my way back up to second place.

And then my teacher said you can also come forth place I threw my javelin with a boy named Tamaki,his javelin went both had the same place.  So both of us had to sit in 4th place It was boring when no one could beat our score because and we could not throw the javelin.  The bugil went and that means that we all have to go to the next rotation.

Then we went to the next rotation with spark Industries They had 3 mini games for us The wheelbarrow race game when you have to hold off on a spoon and run and also last but not least a game where you have to tiy your leg to another persons leg.Then we did the egg spoon race didn't include Partners it was a solo game I ran with the spoon very fast I ran so fast that it didn't even fall. In the wheelbarrow race I had the same partner as the whole rotation games Josh It was so hard for us to win but eventually we achieved the glory.I did my next game with Josh again we had a little practice and then we were the fastest team out of all of the whole game we beat them in a gippy.

Then we had some games for fun but it didn't happen without youthtown They had cool games but my favourite game was when you have to throw the Frisbee at big towers of cones If you hit a car that was not your colour then you could grab the frisbee and knock down the cones and the person with the most cones wins I got one holl game.

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