Wednesday, 21 September 2016


It was are creepy and stormy night.Sam Just walked slowly towards the house as he drew nearer he could hear the sound of windows rattling.Was it just the wind or was a it a creepy old ghost headin in the house?

Sam went inside the creepy house step by step he heard a creek BOM!!!a creepy looking man was standing right in front of him.AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Sam said as she walked inside the house It was just an old man on a cardboard.Snap Sam fall down a hole in the house and he saw tons of ghost.

All those ghost were trying to hypnotize Sam and only one ghost succeeded.Sam was making the park a horrible place where people dont want to be.Sam tried to fight back but the ghost would just stronger finally Sam got out of the ghost spell and took over his own body again finally Sam got a vacuum and vacuumed the ghost up Sam promised him self not to go back there again.

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