Thursday, 7 June 2018

Littel Red Ridding Hood

Walt: Write from a certain perspective.


Once upon a time a girl named scarlet appel candy the third / red riding hood was and she was skipping around her home death valley, it was a horrible place filled with ugly bunnies as fat as toads and as hairy as bigfoot and that's just some of the problems there. Little Red Riding Hoods mum was a horrible lady when she was a kid her little sister Daisy was very successful and she was jealous of her success. The father spoil Daisy more than you could imagine so one day Little Red Riding Hood's mum left and started her own family somewhere else.

One day out of the blue the mum was cooking some honey cakes and little red riding hood was very surprised because the mum despise honey cakes because they were her father's favorite food “ohh little red riding hood” the mum cried “please come here said the mom” “of course mother” little red riding hood replied “I want you to give this to your dear old grandpa he is not feeling very well” “yes mother” “hangon I just have one little touch to put in” a dash of mums secret salt went in and Red Riding Hood was very scared. Red Riding Hood set off and she had to travel through the jungle of misery the cabin of death and through the vegetables of whooooo!!!!!. Little Red Riding Hood was getting around she finally made it to the Jungle of misery.

There was a very scary gorilla who was guarding the path. Little Red Riding hood asked if she could come through but the gorilla man said no. He said “only if you can answer this riddle Ok then bring What is my favourite food”. “That’s easy bananas” Said little red riding hood. “Incorrect two more chances before elimination / death” Said the gorilla “ok then how about apples incorrect one more question left before death becomes your best friend” , “um um um um um peanuts” Red Riding Hood said “you are correct just warning you it's a very scary place in there”.

When little red riding hood was sipping around the jungle of misery she saw a house in the distinct so she ran to it and she knocked on the door and no one replied so she barged right in without any permission she saw three bowls of porridge one was too cold one was too hot and the one in thhe middle was just!!! Right. So she gobbled up all of the porridge and she went up to the second floor and she saw three chairs one was very hard and one was very soft and one was just!! right so she sat on it and it and SNAPPED!! The c So she went up to the third floor and she saw a bed one was to hard and one was to soft and one was just right And she was so comfortable that she fell right asleep.a couple minutes later three bears walked in the door one Mama Bear one Papa Bear and one Baby Bear someone ate my porridge said the Baby Bear so they went up to the Second floor and baby bear screamed someone broke my chair and Little Red Riding Hood woke up because she heard that horrible scream she was very familiar with that voice so she open the window and ran right out.The bear’s went up to the third floor and they saw a window open and Baby Bear's bed was very wrinkly Papa Bear Mel the window and smell the bed and there was only one person to describe the smell Red Riding Hood they all screamed!!!! Well get This is not the end.

She made it to the chasm of death it was no that scary it just had lots of dust she went past it and nothing really happened so she keep on skipping. She finally made it to her Grandpa's house the vegetables of Whoo!! Grandpa lives in the big carrot next to the cabbage he went inside and knocked on the door “come in” said the Grandpa so she went wright in and something was wrong with the look of grandpa “what big ears you have” said Little Red Riding Hood “only to hear you better my darling” said the bear What big eyes you have Grandpa only to see better what big nose you have said only to smell you better. Little red riding Hood said  what big teeth you have only to eat your cakes better right, ok grampa here you are and the bear took a nibble and he jumped up with his teeth right open and he grabed Red ridding hood but snap the bear died right in front of her because mums secret salt was poisonous.
                     And that is the real story of littel red ridding hood. By the big bad wolf

The end

The end

Task description:

For this task we had to get an original fairy tale and rewrite it in our own words I chose Little Red Riding Hood and we also had to keep the main bits of the fairy tale in the twisted version.

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