Thursday, 22 February 2018

My little egg friend

When I went to school I thought it was going to be an ordinary day but no.

My teacher said “that we were going to be drawing a face on a egg,” he also said “that when were done making our egg friend were going to do a mission!!”

Has this ever happened to you?.

If you don't know what happened when I went to school my teacher Mr Goodwin brought some eggs to school!!. Mr Goodwin told us that we were going to draw a face on a egg and call it our little egg friend. Mr goodwin made himself a little friend and he asked us to name it for him, and marika said “let’s call it Bob” and everyone was laughing so hard we all nery wet our pants. On my egg i gave him a big beard, curly hair, a fat nose and a small mouth it looked very cool. I thought it was so ugly I laugh. I was not very proud of my drawing at the start but then I had a good look at it and face just lit up with joy. I named my little egg friend dave.

We went outside and lined up Mr goodwin said “to cratull our eggs” and then we walked to the park but I whet slow because I was so scared that I was going to drop it. The class was being so loud that Mr goodwin told us to sit down then he looked at me and walked up to me and I thought that I was in trouble but he was not looking at me and he whet to the kid behind me. I was so relieved. We finally got up and went to the park I dropped me egg but I catched it before it hit the floor then Mr goodwin looked bake and I whet startup without him looking at me.

When we were at the park we got into groups and we got in lines me and my friend toby were having a long conversation about who was going to go in front and both of us didn't want to go in front but went. We took a photo of 5 kids including me and then we took our eggs on a little tour on the park.I didn't want to climb the monkey bars because I was scared that I was going to drop Dave so I just ran on the floor but everyone didn't for some resin and I was like what are you thinking.but then I got bord so I did’t care any more so i climed At the end 4 kids dropped there eggs and there names are Caleb Lennox Aj and Ezra. They were told to go and clean themselves and Mr was outrageous and Caleb was starting to cry I felt so sorry for him.

This is the peopul who broke there eggs

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