Friday, 21 October 2016


One day there was a boy name Freedom korewha he was a boy at ptengland school he was one of the best kids in class and all the the kids where jealous.Freedom was so smart the teachers where trying to compete with Freedom but they hade on chance against him.All the kids and teachers where sick of Freedoms Brilliant mind that everybody wanted.

Everybody was so mad they went to the brilliant mastermind of everything, Freedoms house and took him to a boat with no petals no engine and no sail.Freedom woke up in the middle of the ocean and screamed “help help where am I i’m lost!” all Freedom hade was a screwdriver and hammer from building day at school a lots of broken wood around his boat and some nails.Bing Freedom just remembered that he could build some paddled with the wood and nails.

So he created some paddleds and He paddled anywhere to he found land so he could find his way home since he knows nearly everywhere around the world because he has the brains of the two smartest people in the world combined.He finally found land and figured out where he was at point england reserve he was running to school so he could get back into class.Everybody was moaning when they saw Freedom because they were still jealous.

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