Friday, 4 December 2015


When I was making a movie on Friday, someone said all of the kapahaka group had to go to the breeze. When I got to the Breeze Mr Burt came and had a korero with the kapahaka group I didn't like his loooooong korero, but after that we got on the bus.

When we got there Spark looked super big. I looked to the side and I saw a picture with tv2 on it Then I looked at the door and saw TVNZ and I knew they made TV2. I got scared because Spark people would be very famous and I had not done anything like this before. As soon as we arrived we did a practice.

I walked down the stairs and got into my position. Mr Burt said something  and lots of people came, I was scared but I went for it.

When we were finished I got into a line and went outside the people gave me some food I was the only one that said thank you and when we were finished we got into the bus went back to school the end.

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  1. Kia ora Freedom,
    I was really impressed to hear that you were scared but you went for it. Good on you. I know that is hard is I need to do things even when I am scared as well.

    Mrs Krausse
    Mrs Krausse