Friday, 6 November 2015

Cool dinosaur

My dinosaur is Overkill, it is a very big dinosaur. This dinosaur lives in the sky, in the water and on the sun. He lives in the water so when he is hunting for food he has fish to eat.

This is a very very very hot dinosaur it likes the sun because it is hot. When the dinosaur goes on the sun it goes little.The sun is where all of the overkill dinosaurs are.The closest dinosaur is the pooblop it can fly the overkill, but the overkill can eat a pooblop fast because a pooblop is small.

This dinosaur can live for 100000,000,0000 million years I believe that they are on the sun now. Some day he will fart on earth and make all of the people die. But the overkill has to look out for the magic-o-saurus because the magic-o-Saugus is a dinosaur and dragon it is invincible it can be gost when he flys.

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